Saturday, October 9, 2010


So we are half-way through the expectancy.
(I am glad there are 40 weeks to pregnancy. Finding out you are pregnant and having a baby the next week would scare the living daylights out of me ((living daylights? where does that phrase come from? I'm not just making that up, am I? that's a real phrase, right?)). It gives you plenty of time to get ready (((is there such a thing as being ready for a baby?))))

Fatherhood is blowing my mind a little bit. What traits will I pass down to my child?
its just not fair
Luckily, Whit will moderate whatever craziness I send down the line.

Here was my reaction, roughly in chronological order:
a. wow.
b. wow.
c. wow.
d. what are we going to do?
e. wow.

Exactly how are you suppose to raise a child in the world if you don't have it all together? I guess everyone does it though, because honestly, who actually has it all together?
Then I realized that Whit and I are a good team. We are complementary (you look lovely). Our little baby is going to have an incredible range of influences to become the most well-rounded individual in history. (Is it strange that I am already bragging on / am swelling with pride for my baby, who is currently weighing in around half a pound?)
I feel like it is normal for expectant fathers to be nervous about being 1/2 of the biggest influence on a child. I suppose teaching has helped me be prepared to influence the future through molding the minds of children, but I feel a little more responsibility for my little one. Teaching juniors and seniors, they already have a lot of molding under their belts, so its not quite as much pressure.
I think I can handle it. I can teach my baby how to love music, how to love family, how to love nature, how to love its moma. (just noticed a theme.)
Maybe the most important thing I can do is teach my baby to love.
I think I'm good at that.
I've got this.


Anonymous said...

Yes you do. You guys are going to be AWESOME parents!

Karin said...

I'm glad you and our daughter met, fell in love, married and are now having a child that will have two amazing parents. You've got this!
Love, YaYa